Hermitage 60 Year Old Grande Champagne Cognac

RRP: £729.55

An incredible cognac that has aged for more than 60 years in damp cellars in the Premier Cru of cognac. Aromas and flavours of plum, dark chocolate, liquorice, spices, toffee, almonds and dried fruits enhance this rich and beautifully matured cognac. A long and glorious tail of citrus fruits, almonds and Marsala wine only add to the long complexity of flavours in this 60 Year Old Cognac.

Vol:  70cl

Abv: 47%

Aroma:  Rich plums and dark coffee with others of nutmeg, butter toffee and almonds.

Flavour:  Rich and well matured with highly compex flavours of dark chocolate, liquorice, spices, nutmeg, turmeric, mace and Marsala wine. There are also flavours of bread crust, pastry and dried citrus fruits.