Hermitage Siècle d’Or 100 Year Old Cognac

RRP: £24,900.00

The Hermitage Siècle d’Or 100 Year Old Cognac was produced in the early 1920s and is a truly rare nectar that only a few privileged people will be able to taste.  Encased within a stunning 100cl crystal decanter, meticulously crafted by master glass blowers at Cumbria Crystal, it is what we proudly consider to be the world’s oldest barrel-aged cognac.  With each passing year its rarity grows and the prospect of discovering another may entail waiting for a further hundred years.

Nestled in ancient cellars, this remarkable find originates from a venerable cognac house dating back to the early 1880s. This sublime nectar has been christened “Siècle d’Or”, in homage to an illustrious “golden century” of French history, symbolising its unparalleled quality and significance.

Made from Ugni Blanc grapes, it was cultivated in the prestigious region of Lignières Sonneville, renowned for its exceptional terroir.  Distilled in the Segonzac area on a traditional Alembic Charentais still, each sip evokes tales of a bygone era, reflecting the artisanal expertise passed down through generations.

There are only 68 of these special, Limited Edition decanters available. It is a pinnacle of achievement, a golden nectar that embraces the very essence of the Siècle d’Or.

Vol:  1 litre

Abv:  40.5%

Aroma: Complex aromas of cocoa, dried fig, burnt sugar, truffle and cloves.

Flavour: Complex and rich flavours of cocoa, burnt toffee, ginger, mushroom, candied fruit with a long kumquat fruit finish.